There are many different treatment options for bed bugs; however only a few are effective in eliminating bed bugs. In the past, chemical treatments such as the use of powerful pesticide DDT were extremely effective in the eradicated of bed bugs. Unfortunately as time went on bed bugs began to develop an incredible resistance to the effects of many different chemicals, lowering their effectiveness.

Justin Douglas of Planet Amazing says in a new report that modern bed bugs are starting to have immunity to the chemicals used against them over the last 40 years and thus are becoming more of a problem to treat. "According to CNN and scientists who have been researching this, bedbugs build up a resistance to traditional chemical-based solutions, which are also toxic to pets and humans, so the end result is that bedbugs become immune and household pets or children are in danger from the traditional bedbug treatments," Mr. Douglas says.

As a result, nontoxic treatment options have started to become more popular within the pest control industry.

Nontoxic bed bug treatments are...

Much more effective because bed bugs can't develop a resistance to it. For example heat is an extremely effective form of non-toxic bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are killed almost immediately when put under extreme temperatures. (120 degrees+) In addition the heat does not harm pets or children the way that traditional chemical treatments do. As a result it is important to keep in mind the different options you have available when treating a bed bug infestation.

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