Q: Can I get bed bugs on the subway?
A: Most definitely. If you sit next to someone who has bed bugs on their clothes, it’s likely that the bed bug will transfer to your clothes. To avoid this, stand holding the pole and avoid brushing up against people. Also, when you get home, take off those clothes and keep them tied up in a plastic bag until you can do laundry. This will prevent any potential bed bugs from taking residence in your home.
Q: I am going to be traveling and staying in a hotel. Is there anything I can do to prevent bringing bed bugs back home with me?
A: There are a LOT of things you can do to prevent bed bug infestation while traveling. I encourage you to read my book, The Bed Bug Survival Guide…I’ve written 2 full chapters on how to protect yourself when traveling and staying in hotels.
Q: How could I have gotten bed bugs?
A: With the major epidemic of bed bugs around the country and throughout the world, it is difficult to know when or where you may have come in contact with them. There are several different ways of being exposed. Read The Bed Bug Survival Guide to explain how you might have gotten them and how to treat them.
Q: I am having guests over for dinner. Should I cancel my plans?
A: You do not necessarily have to cancel your plans, but you should change the location of the dinner party. Your guests could end up bringing a bed bug problem back with them. There are many things you can do before leaving your home to prevent the bugs traveling with you.
Q: How can I go to see my parents/family homes safely without taking the bed bug problem to them?
A: Make sure that you put everything in the dryer before leaving your home. Also, invest in Rest Easy Luggage Spray for your suitcase. Apply Steri-Fab to any soft surfaces before introducing them into someone else’s home.
Q: My friend just told me that she has bed bugs. Is there anything I can do to keep from getting a bed bug problem?
A: There are preventive measures that people can do or have done to help prevent a bed bug problem from occurring in their apartment.
  • Read The Bed Bug Survival Guide. It will give you many proven tips of how to avoid infestation.
  • Schedule quarterly preventive bed bug treatments to all cracks & crevice areas around your apartment. The preventive service is done using a 100 percent organic powder that is not harmful to adults, children, pets or the environment.
  • There is minimal preparation work needed prior to the technician arriving to perform this service.
  • Everyone should cover their mattresses, box springs & pillows with certified bed bug covers.
Q: Why is it necessary to pack up all items in the room when the K-9 inspection only alerted to the bed?
A: The bed bugs have likely moved to another part of the room. Also the K9 may not have been able to smell all of your clothes and dresser items.
Q: My girlfriend stays over at my apartment a few times a week. Should she be concerned about bed bugs in her apartment?
A: Yes, bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers that can travel easily on clothing, in bags, etc. For this reason an inspection should be done to her apartment.
Q: I have itchy bites on my arms and legs but my husband does not have anything. What can it be? I know it can’t be bed bugs or he would have bites too.
A: It is very common for one person to manifest bites while your partner does not. Additionally, men are MUCH less likely to manifest bites than women.
Q: How will I know if the bed bug problem is gone?
A: An independent K9 can inspect the premises to clear it. Or you must go three and a half consecutive weeks without any bites.
Q: I recently found out I have bed bugs. I drive to work every day in my car. Could I have carried the bugs into my vehicle?
A: Yes. Bed bugs can live in cars, as well. Have a K9 inspect your car. At a minimum, treat with Steri-Fab.
Q: I am going to be traveling and staying in a hotel. Is there anything I can do to prevent bringing bed bugs back home with me?
A: Read The Bed Bug Survival Guide for proven travel tips to avoid bed bugs. Additionally, you should wash all your clothes immediately when you get home.
Q: I noticed a couple of small itchy bumps four days ago on my arm. Last night I received 6 more of the same bumps. What could this be?
A: It could very possibly be bed bugs. Have a K9 inspection to be sure.
Q: Do bed bugs carry diseases?
A: Research has shown that bed bugs do carry diseases, but have not ever spread them.