Q: Where can I find bed bugs?
A: The obvious answer would be on your bed however bed bugs can also be found on furniture such as chairs and sofas. When inspecting your bed & furniture be sure to look for any black smears or droppings. This residue is a bed bug's fecal matter. Be sure to also look for any red stains as they could be blood stains from dead bed bugs. It helps a lot to have white sheet covers as well. Be sure to check any cracks, crevices, and folds for any signs of bed bugs and their residuals.
Q: Do bed bugs live on my pet?
A: Although bed bugs do not live on pets, it is possible that bed bugs are feeding (biting) your pets. They won’t scratch or show bites, so it will likely go undetected for quite some time. However, bed bugs prefer humans.
Q: I run a business out of my apartment and have numerous people coming to my apartment on a daily basis. Should I be concerned with someone bringing bed bugs to my apartment?
A: Yes, you should be concerned. Read The Bed Bug Survival Guide and schedule monthly or quarterly preventive services to protect yourself.
Q: What can I do if my landlord does not want to pay for an exterminator to treat for bed bugs service? He said that he bought a spray and he will treat the problem himself. I heard only a professional should treat a bed bug problem. What can I do?
A: You have rights. You are entitled to a proper professional treatment. Try speaking with your management company. New legislation requires that management companies have K9 inspections of potentially infested and surrounding apartments.
Q: Can I put my bagged items back where they belong after I get my treatment?
A: No. You need to wait until a K9 has “cleared” your apartment or office. Removing items from the bags can lead to a reintroduction of bed bugs. Essentially, it can invalidate the treatment.