"Read it cover to cover, heave a huge sigh, and…sleep tight."

~ Hudson Valley News


“It's not every day you recommend a book that makes your skin crawl. But The Bed Bug Survival Guide is a must-read for those who are worried about the growing bedbug infestation”



"While he uses a lighthearted tone here, Eisenberg is matter-of-fact and sensible, with solid advice for anyone who wants to avoid waking up covered in red blotches. (Bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, but their bites sure can itch.)"

~ Inlander


"Don’t get on a plane or enter a hotel room or unpack anything until you read The Bed Bug Survival Guide."

~ Inlander


"The Bed Bug Survival Guide changed my life! It made dealing and coping with a bed bug infestation more manageable than I ever could have imagined. The book is well written and is extremely informative. I appreciate Jeff’s kind words and easy to follow suggestions. If you’ve dealt with or ever hope to avoid a bed bug infestation, pick this book up!"

"A bed bug infestation nearly ruined my life. I was at the end of the line, hopeless and struggling to find a solution. This book changed everything for me. Not only did I find a reliable exterminator but I got all the information I need to retake control of my apartment. Bed bugs are beatable, let Jeff Eisenberg teach you how!"

"I was embarrassed to admit I had a problem and didn’t know how to deal with managing a family and an infestation. Fortunately Jeff’s sane advice cleared the path of recovery for me. Learn what you need to keep bed bugs out of your life for good. BUY this book!"
Conrad S.